Here’s the story of a young entrepreneur narrating on how successful he was in creating his project.

To introduce myself, I’ll be the person who’ll narrate the following talk with Karl, one of the most successful entrepreneur in the city.

Karl and I were seated in the conference hall at the studio with lights turned bright and rhythm of the water fall coming from the live water screen in the corner filled the room ( a product designed by .and - Amar Architecture and Design, a firm that believes in innovation ) , getting back to the conversation the look on Karl’s face with a great grin and sparkle in his eyes of having achieved his dream he re-calls the day when he was willing to start-up something that was close to his passion of art. One day it so happened to get a pencil-sketched portrait of his mother, canvassed & framed. That awe-struck expression of her with tears of joy piling in her eyes gave him so much happiness - “ I instantly decided to bring in difference apart from regular gifting ideas, so that everyone gets to experience such moments probably with friends whom they hold close to their heart or family who deserves only the best.”

The thing with pencil sketched self portraits are , they carry a sense of personal touch making the moment emotional and worthwhile.

Apart from having the idea in mind there was something more to do. The action plan hadn't been put out. That was decided when he realized about the talents each of his friends had. They were exceptionally good at web-designing, graphics and logo designing, and last but not the least- an artist who sketches portraits flawlessly. So he incorporated them together forming a team or rather the pillars of “”. A sample picture was created to see the outcome of their efforts so far, the feedback satisfied to the extent that there was no looking back. Karl recalls having challenges along the way, obviously. But that never played as a downcast.

Ever since it had been made official, has been a grand success.

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